HP: Art of Business DM

HP Business Consultants were providing installations of Microsoft Dynamics software to help mid-size businesses manage their supply chains. Microsoft Dynamics software reduces the constant guessing games companies play, balancing inventory levels vs. customer satisfaction levels. The brief was to start a conversation about Microsoft Dynamics with influencers and decision makers in mid-sized companies.

In order to get cut-through and get the DM piece past receptionists, a package marked ‘Confidential’ was sent to key decision makers. Inside was the classic ‘Art of War’ by Sun-tzu – a book commonly used as inspiration for businesspeople on how to succeed in competitive situations. We re-covered Art of War with a dust-jacket entitled The Art of Business – an introduction to strategic supply chain management by HP Business Consulting, Microsoft Dynamics and Sun-Tzu. The dust-jacket was used to align the software with Sun-tzu’s brilliant insights and strategies on war. The Microsoft software, in effect, lets you view of your battlefield so you can clearly see all you have to play with and then strategise your next business move.

Art of War

Westpac Little Reminder

In the crowded credit card market, Westpac needed to acquire new customers for their Debitplus card. Traditionally resistant to an initial offer, customers are more likely to take action after a reminder.

Remind customers to get a DebitPlus card.

Here’s a little reminder (a very small mailing compared to the size of the hand).

Outstanding 35% response and acquisition rate. In this market the average is 2%, representing a very successful campaign.